Anglo French Architects
Anglo French Architects is much more than its Architects - - Anglo French Architects - - English Speaking Architect in the Dordogne - - French Architect in South West France - - English Speaking French Architect in South West France - - English Speaking Architect in Lot-et-Garonne - - English Speaking Architect in Gironde - - Architect in the Lot - - English Speaking Architect in Herault - - Anglo French Architects

The main office and studio of Anglo-French Architects is in Eymet, a Bastide town, South of Bergerac in the Dordogne, South West France. view map

A map to the studio of Anglo French Architects is available here, please make an appointment prior to your visit to ensure that the right people are available for you.

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The bastide towns were founded in the 13th century in south-west France, and there are many fine examples that remain from that time. The towns were built as medieval new towns, and had various functions, including improving security and safety of the residents and promoting trade. read more ...